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African Mahagony

African Mahagony

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Cutting cost $3 per cut. Leaving your cut list at the check out and we will contact you. Or contact us via email or WhatsApp to discuss your needs.

Please contact us for availability of plank sizes. A large selection of African Mahogany planks and slabs are available (website inventory is not up to date). Better still, come down and have a look at our stock and chat with us for wood advice and application.

General Summary:
African Mahogany, known scientifically as Khaya ivorensis, has garnered acclaim in the woodworking and carpentry realm for its exceptional beauty and versatile properties. This species, native to Singapore (and South East Asia), offers woodworkers a combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality. It's a preferred choice for a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from fine furniture to intricate joinery, thanks to its workability and durability.

African Mahogany presents a reddish-brown heartwood that deepens in color upon exposure to light, contrasted subtly with its slightly paler sapwood. The wood typically features straight, interlocked grain, giving it a distinctive ribbon-like pattern on quarter-sawn surfaces. Its uniform texture and natural luster contribute to its widespread appeal for projects where appearance is paramount.

African Mahogany is a durable choice for both indoor and outdoor applications that don't have direct exposure to moisture. It is moderately resistant to decay and pests and presents low stiffness and resistance to shock. It has medium crush strength and poor bending characteristics.

African Mahogany machines very well, but tends to woolliness and torn grain. It produces a moderate blunting effect on tools, therefore, sharp thin cutting edges are recommended. It has good gluing properties and holds nails and screws well. It can be stained or polished to an excellent finish that enhances its natural beauty. It is easy to slice and peel, and makes excellent veneers. 

The versatility and beauty of African Mahogany lends itself to a variety of applications. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of high-end furniture, cabinetry, and decorative veneers, offering elegance and warmth to any piece. Additionally, its acoustic properties make it a solid choice for musical instruments. African Mahogany is also employed in boat building and architectural millwork, where durability and aesthetics are critical.

African Mahogany is a superb choice for woodworkers and carpenters seeking a blend of beauty, durability, and ease of use. Whether for creating luxurious furniture or detailed architectural features, African Mahogany elevates the standard of craftsmanship with its rich appearance and versatile properties. Discover the perfect African Mahogany piece for your next project in our collection and experience the unmatched quality and beauty it brings.




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