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Cutting cost $3 per cut. Leaving your cut list at the check out and we will contact you. Or contact us via email or WhatsApp to discuss your needs.

Please contact us for availability of plank sizes. We have several different sizes available. Better still, come down and have a look at our stock and chat with us for wood advice and application.

Afromosia is a highly valued wood primarily harvested from the forests of West and Central Africa. Its popularity among carpenters and woodworkers stems from its exceptional qualities, making it a premium choice for a wide range of applications.

Appearance: Afromosia boasts a striking appearance with its golden to dark brown hue, which beautifully darkens over time when exposed to light. Its grain is typically straight, though it can occasionally display an interlocked pattern, contributing to its aesthetic appeal. The wood's fine, even texture and natural luster make it a visually appealing option for both traditional and contemporary designs. It is often mistaken for Teak because it has a very similar color and grain appearance.  It is also a great exterior species with moderate levels of silica much like Teak.

Characteristics & Properties: This dense and durable hardwood possesses excellent strength and hardness properties, making it highly resistant to wear and tear. Afromosia is also known for its resistance to moisture and rot, which, coupled with its natural oils, provides it with an inherent resilience against decay and insect attack. These properties make Afromosia an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering longevity and maintaining its integrity over time.

Workability: Despite its density, Afromosia is relatively easy to work with using both hand and power tools. It machines well, producing a smooth finish that highlights its natural grain and color. However, its density can blunt tools more quickly than softer woods, so regular sharpening may be required. Afromosia glues and finishes well, although its natural oils can sometimes interfere with adhesion and finish absorption, necessitating proper surface preparation.

Applications: Due to its durability, attractive appearance, and resistance to the elements, Afromosia is highly sought after for a variety of applications. It is commonly used in high-end furniture, cabinetry, and joinery projects. Additionally, its strength and resistance to moisture make it suitable for outdoor furniture, decking, and boatbuilding. Afromosia is also a popular choice for flooring, paneling, and decorative veneers, where its rich color and texture can be fully appreciated.

In conclusion, Afromosia is a premium hardwood that offers a unique combination of beauty, durability, and versatility. Its desirable properties and workability make it a favorite among carpenters and woodworkers for a wide range of high-end applications. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, Afromosia wood adds a touch of elegance and longevity to any project.



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