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Cutting cost $1 per cut.

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Please contact us if you would like to change the wood thickness. 

Pine wood is medium-weight and relatively soft. Its strength and elasticity are good. As with other coniferous woods, the properties of the wood depend upon the density of the annual growth rings: The higher the proportion of summerwood, the heavier and harder the wood.
The heartwood has good natural durability except where it is in direct contact with earth or moisture. It has a high natural moisture content, which can lead to a blue staining of the wood through fungal infection. The colouring only affects the appearance, not the physical properties of the wood.

Pine wood can be worked easily by hand or machine. It can be sliced or peeled. Nailed, screwed or glued connections are straightforward. The surface can be finished with all kinds of paints. The sapwood lends itself well to impregnation, less so the heartwood.


- Building and construction
- Interior furnishing, furniture
- Manufacture of composite wood materials
- Wood and paper pulp
- Masts and poles
- Windows, facade panelling



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