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Cutting cost $1 per cut.

Leave your cut list at the check out and we will contact you!

Please contact us if you would like to change the wood thickness. 


Suar wood's grain texture is typically characterized as a straight grain. The presence of knots and forks in the wood, however, tend to change up the grain wildly, adding tons of uniqueness to each and every slab. No two slabs are alike.

Suar wood is rated as moderately durable to very durable against decay, and it is resistant to most insect attacks.


In addition to the roadsides and parks in Southeast Asia, Suar trees also grow plentifully in both Central and South America.


Suar is a very dense wood. This is great for our custom live edge tables which can range from anywhere from 5ft in length to over 10ft!

We take extra steps to improve the durability of the monkey pod wood, such as using 3-inch thick slabs as tops to construct our live-edge tables. Suar wood is also very adaptable to a variety of climates and weather-tolerant as well.


There are many uses for Suar wood, and many beautiful furniture pieces, such as coffee tables and chairs, are cultivated from this type of wood. It is also used to make souvenir bowls, spoons, and other kitchen utensils. Additionally, it is used for flooring because of its benefits and resistance to insects and mold. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, family producers use Suar wood to create many forms of artistic and functional pieces, including decorative carvings, twisted stools, kids’ stools and kids’ furniture, and numerous styles of animal figurines.  Each individual and business will be unique in why they use Suar wood, but they will all enjoy the benefits and qualities of this fine wood.



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