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Red Ceder

Red Ceder

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Western red cedar is favoured for its rich and inviting earthy tones. The true beauty of this durable softwood is most evident when used for appearance based applications such as external cladding and windows. The heartwood ranges from a pale brown or honey colour through to a richer dark brown, with older growth timber somewhat darker in appearance. The sapwood is a paler yellowish white colour. It has a fine texture and straight grain with growth rings often visible.


Common Applications

Western red cedar is used for applications such as cladding, linings, joinery, windows, doors and roofing shingles. Natural preservatives provide resistance to fungus and insect attack, while its low density also provides good insulation qualities. It can be used in many types of weather conditions due to its natural durability.


A durable yet soft timber, western red cedar has good workability. It cuts, machines and glues well and can also be painted, stained and polished. It also nails and screws well, however if timber is damp it is corrosive to iron, so hot-dipped galvanized nails/screws should be used where required.

Western red cedar can be brittle along the end grain and sharp cutters are recommended due to its soft nature. Precautions should be taken when sanding western red cedar as the sawdust can cause irritation for some people. It is not suitable for steam bending.



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