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Red Cedar

Red Cedar

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Cutting cost $3 per cut. Leaving your cut list at the check out and we will contact you. Or contact us via email or WhatsApp to discuss your needs.

Please contact us for availability of plank sizes. We have limited stock of several different sizes (website stock may not be accurate). Better still, come down and have a look at our stock and chat with us for wood advice and application.

Red Cedar, scientifically known as Juniperus virginiana, is a highly valued softwood native to North America, widely appreciated for its durability, aromatic scent, and aesthetic appeal. This wood species, also commonly referred to as Eastern Red Cedar, is renowned for its natural resistance to decay and its ability to repel insects, making it a favored material for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Appearance: Red Cedar boasts a distinctive heartwood with rich, reddish to violet-brown tones, contrasted by the lighter color of its sapwood, which ranges from nearly white to pale yellow. Its straight grain and fine texture, accompanied by the occasional presence of knots, contribute to its rustic charm. Red Cedar's aromatic properties, coupled with its appealing color variation, make it a popular choice for adding warmth and character to projects.

Characteristics & Properties: One of Red Cedar's most notable properties is its natural resistance to rot, decay, and insect infestation, thanks to the presence of natural oils and extracts within the wood. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. It is relatively lightweight and has good dimensional stability, which minimizes shrinking and swelling under changing weather conditions. Red Cedar also possesses excellent acoustic properties, making it suitable for sound-sensitive applications.

Workability: Red Cedar is easy to work with, accommodating both hand and machine tools effectively. Its softness allows for easy cutting, shaping, and finishing, though its aromatic oils can sometimes interfere with adhesion and finish. Pre-drilling is recommended for nailing and screwing to prevent splitting. Red Cedar's pleasant aroma and ease of finishing make it a pleasure to work with, although care should be taken to use dust protection, as its fine particles can be an irritant to some people.

Applications: Due to its durability, aromatic scent, and visual appeal, Red Cedar is extensively used in a variety of projects. It is a popular choice for outdoor applications, such as fencing, decking, shingles, and outdoor furniture, where its resistance to elements is a significant advantage. Its aesthetic qualities and pleasant scent make it ideal for closet linings, chests, and indoor decorative items, contributing to a natural and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, Red Cedar's acoustic properties are leveraged in the manufacturing of musical instruments and sound-dampening panels.

In summary, Red Cedar is a versatile and attractive wood choice that offers both functional and aesthetic benefits. Its natural resistance to decay and insects, combined with its workability and distinctive appearance, make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from durable outdoor constructions to finely crafted indoor furniture and decorations. Red Cedar continues to be a sought-after material for projects that require a combination of beauty, durability, and a touch of natural charm.



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