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Cutting cost $3 per cut. Leaving your cut list at the check out and we will contact you. Or contact us via email or WhatsApp to discuss your needs.

Please contact us for availability of plank sizes. We have several different sizes available (website inventory may not be up to date). Better still, come down and have a look at our stock and chat with us for wood advice and application.

Chengal is a premium hardwood native to Southeast Asia, renowned for its incredible durability, strength, and resistance to weather and pests. Harvested from the Neobalanocarpus heimii tree, Chengal is a top choice for outdoor construction and high-end carpentry projects, thanks to its exceptional qualities that ensure longevity and performance in challenging environments.

Appearance: Chengal wood has a distinctive appearance, with its heartwood displaying a rich, dark brown color that can sometimes appear with a yellowish or greenish tinge. The wood tends to darken to a deeper hue upon exposure to sunlight. Its grain is usually straight, though it can occasionally be interlocked, adding to its visual appeal. The wood also features a moderately fine to coarse texture, which contributes to its natural luster and aesthetic value.

Characteristics & Properties: One of Chengal's most valued characteristics is its natural durability, offering excellent resistance to decay, fungi, and insect attacks, including termites. This makes it ideal for use in outdoor and marine environments. Chengal is also known for its high density and hardness, which contribute to its strength and make it resistant to wear and tear. Despite its toughness, Chengal has good dimensional stability, maintaining its shape well over time.

Workability: Due to its density and natural oils, Chengal can be challenging to work with. Its hardness requires sharp tools for effective cutting, shaping, and finishing. The wood can also be difficult to glue and requires pre-drilling for nailing and screwing to avoid splitting. However, when properly handled, Chengal finishes beautifully, enhancing its natural colors and grain patterns.

Applications: Chengal's robust properties make it highly suitable for outdoor and heavy-duty applications. It is commonly used in the construction of decks, outdoor furniture, pergolas, and other structures that require resistance to the elements. Chengal is also favored for marine construction, including docks and boats, due to its resistance to water and decay. In addition, its attractive appearance and durability make it a preferred choice for high-end joinery projects, such as doors, window frames, and architectural details.

In conclusion, Chengal wood stands out for its unparalleled durability, resistance to environmental challenges, and aesthetic appeal. Its suitability for a wide range of applications, especially those requiring long-lasting outdoor performance, makes it a highly sought-after material in the carpentry and construction sectors.



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