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Cutting cost $3 per cut. Leaving your cut list at the check out and we will contact you. Or contact us via email or WhatsApp to discuss your needs.

Please contact us for availability of plank sizes. We have several different sizes available (website stock may not be accurate). Better still, come down and have a look at our stock and chat with us for wood advice and application.

Zebrawood, known for its striking appearance and exotic appeal, is a hardwood that originates from the Microberlinia brazzavillensis tree, primarily found in Central Africa. The wood is highly prized in the carpentry and woodworking industry for its distinctive zebra-like stripes, consisting of dark brown to black streaks against a pale golden yellow background. This unique patterning makes Zebrawood a favored choice for decorative projects and high-end applications where visual impact is a key consideration.

Appearance: The most notable feature of Zebrawood is its dramatic grain pattern, which closely resembles the stripes of a zebra. The contrast between the dark stripes and the light wood background is striking, offering a bold and distinctive look that is highly sought after for accent pieces and statement furniture. The wood has a coarse texture and a natural luster that can be enhanced through finishing, highlighting its unique grain and color variations.

Characteristics & Properties: Zebrawood is known for its hardness and density, making it durable and resistant to wear. Despite its strength, it has moderate dimensional stability, with a tendency to react to changes in humidity. This characteristic necessitates careful drying and acclimatization to minimize the risk of warping or cracking. Zebrawood is also relatively resistant to decay and insects, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, though it is primarily used for its aesthetic qualities rather than its structural properties.

Workability: Working with Zebrawood can be challenging due to its hardness and the interlocked nature of its grain, which can lead to tearout when machining. Sharp tools and careful handling are required to achieve the best results. Zebrawood glues and finishes well, although its coarse texture may require some filling to achieve a smooth surface. The wood's striking appearance is often considered worth the extra effort in preparation and finishing.

Applications: Zebrawood is predominantly used for decorative purposes, where its unique appearance can be showcased. It is a popular choice for veneers, high-end furniture, and cabinetry, as well as in musical instruments, such as guitars, where it adds visual flair in addition to its acoustic properties. Zebrawood is also used in the creation of luxury automotive interiors and as accent pieces in architectural millwork, where its distinctive patterning adds an exotic touch to interiors.

In conclusion, Zebrawood offers a bold and exotic option for projects that aim to stand out. Its distinctive appearance, combined with its durability, makes it a valuable material for a variety of high-end and decorative applications. While it may require careful handling and preparation, the unique beauty and visual impact of Zebrawood make it a highly sought-after choice for woodworkers and designers looking to make a statement with their creations.



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