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Cutting cost $1 per cut.

Leave your cut list at the check out and we will contact you!

Please contact us if you would like to change the wood thickness. 

  1. Color and Appearance: Zebrawood has a cream or light brown color with dark to black-ish brown lines vaguely approaching a zebra’s stripes. The lines might be either wavy or uniform. The situation depends on whether the wood is flatsawn or quartersawn.
  2. Texture and Grain: Many are actually interested in zebra wood grain. As a result, this particular wood is typically wavy and or interlocked. Also, it has a reasonably coarse surface and open pores.
  3. Resistance: Zebrawood is durable and resistant for long time use.
  4. Workability: It might be hard to plane or surface the wood because of the prevalence of interlocking grain. Also, this wood glues and finishes perfectly. However, a transparent pore filler might be needed for the large open pores which are apparent on both light and dark surfaces.



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