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Purple Heart

Purple Heart

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Cutting cost $1 per cut.

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The heartwood is a deep purple-violet colour when freshly cut, maturing to dark brown.
The original colour is restored when re-cut.
Straight grained, but often irregular, wavy and sometimes interlocked, producing a pleasing striped figure on quartered surfaces.
Texture moderate to fine.
Working Qualities: 
It is rather difficult to work, with moderate to severe blunting effect on tools.
It exudes gummy resin when heated by dull cutters and the material is best run slowly through machines equipped with high speed steel knives.
The wood turns well and smoothly.
Pre-bore for nailing, glues without difficulty and stains and wax polishes easily.
Spirit finishes remove the purple colour.
Although expensive, it is used for heavy constructional work, bridge building, fresh water piling, dock work, cladding, house construction and vats.
Excellent for flooring and very suitable for gymnasium equipment, shafts, tool handles, boat building, turnery, furniture and billiard tables.
Also as decorative veneers for inlaying and marquetry work etc.
Best colour from sawcut as steaming affects the soluble phonicoin content.



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