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Cutting cost $1 per cut.

Leaving your cut list at the check out and we will contact you!

Please contact us if you would like to change the wood thickness. 

  • Aesthetics: In terms of appearance, cherry wood is usually reddish brown with a golden hue, although when it is freshly cut it is paler. Its oxidisation creates the popular rich brown-red over time. The heart and sapwood of the cherry tree are easy to identify as the sapwood is narrow and yellowish to reddish, while the heart is yellowish to light red-brown.
  • Texture: Cherry hardwood has a straight-grain, fine, uniform, satiny and smooth texture. It also has a moderate natural lustre.
  • Workability: This type of wood is also known for its great workability, mainly due to its straight-grained qualities. Because the wood can become blemished when it is being stained, many people first prepare it before it undergoes the staining process; typically, a sanding sealer or a gel-based stain is suggested.
  • Durability: Cherry hardwood is a moderately durable wood; its heart is very resistant to rot and decay.
  • Strength: Cherry hardwood is also moderately strong and has a medium ability to resist shock loads.
  • Flexibility: It is easy to cut, carve and mould, and is used for many different applications due to its flexibility. It has medium density and good bending properties, as well as low stiffness.
  • Structure: Cherry possesses a fine pore structure in general, though the spring growths’ pores are slightly larger. This makes it easy to discern the various rings in the wood.



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