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American hard maple is an attractive creamy white timber with a pinkish tinge. Heartwood can vary from a light to dark reddish brown, depending on the growing region. Both the heartwood and sapwood can have a pith fleck. The timber is fine-textured and generally straight-grained. Sometimes a curly, fiddleback or birdseye figure can occur, which is considered to enhance the appearance of the wood. American hard maple sapwood darkens over time when exposed to UV light.

Common Applications

American hard maple is used in a wide range of interior applications such as flooring, panelling, cabinet making, table tops, joinery, stairs, handrails, mouldings and doors. Its hardwearing properties make it ideal for flooring in areas with a high volume of foot traffic. It is also used in boat building and in the construction of musical instruments and skateboards.


A hard, heavy timber, American hard maple is considered to be quite difficult to work. However, when care is taken it machines and turns well, and can be glued satisfactorily. Pre-boring is recommended when nailing and screwing. The timber steam bends well. When sanded, stained and polished, the timber has an extremely attractive finish.

Origin of timber
North America



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